ACES 2022: The Annual Conference of Experimental Sociology

About ACES

The Annual Conference of Experimental Sociology (ACES) gives the stage to scholars doing sociologically relevant research using experiments broadly construed. After its inception meeting in Vienna in 2018, followed by meetings in Florence (2019) and Ascona (2021), ACES 2022 will take place at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, hosted by the sociology department of Utrecht University which has a long tradition of experimental research. In this fourth edition, ACES opens its doors to a broader audience interested in cutting-edge approaches in experimental sociology. Although survey, laboratory, field and online experiments have long belonged to the methodical repertoire of quantitative social science, their prevalence in sociology is still relatively low. ACES aims to promote the use of the gold standard of scientific inquiry in sociology as well as the critical discussion of its limitations. ACES’ umbrella serves the following goals:

  • Disseminate the latest research findings in experimental sociology;
  • Showcase and critically discuss novel and established experimental methods;
  • Help early career scholars in designing and conducting experiments;
  • Promote replication and secondary analysis of previous experiments;
  • Provide a platform for the community of experimental sociologists.

In its program, ACES provides dedicated time slots for (1) the presentation of replications and secondary analyses of previous experimental results, (2) the constructive discussion of early-career scholars’ research designs in the pre-field phase of their projects, and (3) presentations on methodological advances in experimental sociology. The majority of time slots is dedicated to open topics in experimental sociology and will be organized thematically depending on participants’ submissions.